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Decreed artistic heritage of humanity by UNESCO, Ravenna is rich in monuments in Byzantine style, Imperial and Gothic.Testimony of extraordinary artistic value, given the richness and quality of the compositions, the mosaics that adorn the walls, vaults and domes of basilicas and baptisteries, are a record of historical events of Ravenna, where the Romans, and the barbarians the Byzantines took turns ruling the city for more than seven centuries.Ravenna also saw the passage and the death of one of the fathers of Italian literature, Dante Alighieri, who decided to be buried here.mosaicsRavenna is indisputably famous throughout the world for its mosaics, and this excellence is due to the fact that it keeps the richest world heritage of ancient mosaics of the fifth and sixth centuries, top, artistic quality and iconological importance, in that of all the cities of the ancient and classical world, both in the East (Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria), both in the West (Rome, Milan, Aquileia, Trier, Cologne).For these reasons, UNESCO, in 1997, declared 'heritage dell'umanità'i seven sacred buildings of Ravenna which jealously preserved within them the famous mosaics offered in this publication.

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