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>> A bit 'of history

The town began to develop around the tenth century around the church, the oldest monument of the place, and then, after the barbarian invasions, on a hill called Monte Giove. Like many other places in the area came from the domain of Ravenna to the Rimini, from Cesena to the Sforza, the Malatesta, the Montefeltro, the Venetians to the Church. Santarcangelo lived a period of particular splendor especially in the '700, a time when he was elected pope one of his famous son, Lorenzo Ganganelli, known as Pope Clement XIV. The town is known for being the birthplace of painters and poets of the caliber of Guido Cagnacci and Tonino Guerra.Cosa visitare Una meta interessante e misteriosa sono le grotte tufacee che costellano il centro storico.'

>> What to visit

An interesting and mysterious destination is the tufa caves that dot the city center. Originally a place of worship local deities, then retreat of the first Christian communities, and even in the succession of centuries of myths and legends, a place that was home to the Knights Templar, Freemasons and refugees of various kinds. Also in the old town are worth a visit is the Malatesta Fortress, the Collegiate Church which houses paintings by Cagnacci, the Ethnographic Museum and the curious Museum of Button. Just outside noteworthy is the ancient church dedicated to the patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel.Feste e Tradizioni Santarcangelo è luogo di fiere popolari dalle origini antiche che richiamano ogni anno tantissimi turisti locali e non.'

>> Celebrations and Traditions

Santarcangelo is a place of popular exhibitions of ancient origins that annually attract many tourists and not local. The oldest one is without a doubt the Bird Fair, which falls in late September, the most important is the Feast of Saint Martin, which takes place on the weekend around the 11th of November. In both cases, the narrow streets and squares are home to a feast of food stands that embrace the most important culinary traditions of the beautiful country, and then again flea markets, street vendors, street performers, contests, games and events that recall the past and old traditions . Santarcangelo is also home to one of the most important festivals dedicated to theater, Santarcangelo of the theaters, or the International Festival of Street Theatre, in summer, in July, transformed the small town into a yard-open-air laboratory that recalls artists and fans from all over the world.



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