Pantanissima cycling marathon in honor of the great Marco Pantani

Pantanissima, because it is the summary of di'allenamento routes, landscapes and the elevation of the Champion.Pantanissima, because it is the conclusion of a journey on the places, summits and theism, an athlete who carved, as no one, the axiom between sea and mountains.Pantanissima, because in the daily flights to Marco on the bike, you bright retrace the historical flavor of Romagna, often forgotten, made of migration and weaves, between the Apennines and the coast, hills and villages of the plain, between work, tourism and research a new quality of the roads.Sure, it's a cycling Granfondo, which on both proposals, moving with respect and devotion to the exploits of a boy who, from these backgrounds, overcame dialects, to embrace the universal language of emotion. And so, in the expressiveness of a track, we meet the Montevecchio steep, with the Monument to Pantani which seems to tell us how, the rugged slopes of the hill, is a crossroads of hard work and rewards, and refreshments in the proposed site, a sign of gratitude to the whole. Then Pass Carnaio, zip important valleys of Savio and Bidente, ready to remind us how those turns, they might have shouted, in the comfort of a youth that even touched the teenage years, the intense talent of the future Pirate. There, where the Apennines with its smell rural knows enter the hearts and the horizon pushes the fly, the little boy who came from the sea, stood up on the pedals, leaving astonishment and admiration at the blue cyclist Marino Amadori. Yes, the very one who will become the latest in technical Marco, while training for the World Championship test, knew, on that summer day, a prophet. And then, again meeting with fatigue and Montevecchio meanings, before returning to the plain one would expect to the sea, in Cesenatico: Pantani House ...

The eighth edition of the Granfondo and Mediofondo Pantanissima change dates in 2016 to 4 September 2016. The routes remain the same, changing the start and finish to make it even more beautiful and important this event, with meeting at the Spazio Pantani, starting from the monument Pantani and step ahead of Pantani home.



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