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Montebello Castle Azzurrina

Left behind the Adriatic coast, just hop on one of the many Rimini inland hills for tranquility.From a height of 436 meters, elegant Montebello dominates the Marecchia and Uso Valley, offering even the most discerning visitor a fascinating journey through history, art and nature.The mighty fortress, a theater of many battles time, gives us quiet today a breathtaking view; marked by a long history, leads us to discover its hidden treasures, and its mysteries.Who is Azzurrina?Born around 1370, was the daughter of Azzurrina Ugolinuccio or Uguccione of Montebello, feudal lord of Montebello di Torriana (RN), and it would have died prematurely on June 21, 1375, the day of the summer solstice.It is said that it was an albino child. Since the popular superstition of the time connected with albinism diabolical nature of events, the mother decided to regularly dye her hair black. However, given that it tinged with extremely volatile, these pigments of vegetable nature, thanks to the poor hair albino ability to hold the pigment, had given to the baby blue reflections as his eyes: so he originated the 'Azzurrina' nickname.Because of this fact the father decided to always supervise the child by two guards, Dominic and Roger, and did not make her never to leave the house, to protect it from rumors and popular prejudice.It is said that on June 21, 1375, while his father was off in battle, Azzurrina, always guarded by two soldiers, were playing in the castle of Montebello with a ball of rags while a storm raged outside. According to the later account of the guards the little girl would have chased the ball dropped from the ladder inside the underground ice, in order to retrieve it. Having heard a scream, the guards would notice in the local coming from the entrance door, but could not find any trace of the child or of the ball, and his body would never be found again. The storm would cease with the disappearance of Azzurrina.Legend has it that the ghost of the little girl is still present in the castle and you come back to bite every five years, coinciding with the fall of the summer solstice.According to the most popular version, the Azzurrina legend was passed down orally for three centuries, presumably coming from time to time distorted, enlarged and embellished. Only around 1620 a local parish priest would put in writing along with other legends and folk tales in a Miscellany of tales of the lower Val Marecchia, and the first and only written document of Azzurrina would be called 'beautiful Mons et Deline' (Montebello and Adelina).According to the Vulgate version of the legend, which is the currently popular version of the heads of the castle and the tour guides who work there, the real name of Azzurrina would be 'Gwendolyn'.But according to the title of pastor of the document that would tell the legend, it is likely that Azzurrina could be called Adelina (Deline), diminutive of the name Adele or Delia, already widespread in the Middle Ages.It should be noted however that the pastor document is currently only alleged, since no one has ever had the opportunity to read or just to assessing with certainty the existence. Therefore there are no historical sources proving that Azzurrina really existed or that the legend is actually passed down. The first mentions of the legend of Azzurrina date back, in fact, at the end of the eighties of the twentieth century.There are also other documents that refer generally to legends about the castle, such as 'Memoirs on the Castello di Montebello di Romagna' written by Thomas Molari (1875 - 1935) and published in the early 1900s when the molars, putting in writing ancient folk tales of the village of Montebello writes; 'The popular legend will weaves around his world of spirits and goblins, so much so that, in the night for those who linger, feel climb pitfalls strange noises, thumps and cries of frightened souls asking peace

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