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Rimini - history and culture of the city of Fellini

Founded in 268 BC still bear signs of the Roman Ariminum with the remains of the Amphitheatre, the Tiberius Bridgeand

the elegant Augustus ArchIn the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries,

the Malatesta Rimini turned into a hotbed of art and culture of great importance is the Malatesta Temple, true archetypal Renaissance architecture, designed by Leon Battista Alberti, designed as the perfect outer shell fell on a earlier Romanesque-Gothic Franciscan church, preserves, in its charming interior, sculptures of Agostino di Duccio, a fresco by Piero della Francesca and a crucifix by Giotto.

Rimini - Mare and entertainment

Rimini is the main and most populous center of the Adriatic Riviera.Summer resort of international renown living, stretching for 15 km along the Adriatic Sea coastline with hotels, nightclubs, beach equipment and sports facilities. The development of tourism, which began in 1843 with the founding of the first bathing establishment, established himself definitively in the next century, losing its original aristocratic and worldly connotation and becoming a mass phenomenon.

Rimini, one of the capitals of the Romagna coast fun, is capital of the province and is rich in monuments and artistic treasures. seaside resort of international fame, every summer is crowded with thousands of tourists who choose it for its beaches and especially for its nightlife.

Rimini is also known throughout the country for its Fair, where over the course of the year there are major cultural events and exhibitions that cover various sectors: from leisure to food, the environment tourism.

For some years now, finally, the city organizes the first weekend of July the Pink Night, an event that involves the whole Adriatic Coast and colors of pink the entire city, overrun with everyone to enjoy and participate in the various initiatives proposed.

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