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Here following a broken foot a list with descriptions of the Main Theme and Amusement Parks on the Adriatic coast

who goes by the Province of Ravenna and that of Rimini

Wonderland - Ravenna

Mirabilandia is the largest amusement park on the splendid Adriatic Riviera; a jewel that combines the brilliance of technology, the humanity of the best entertainment artists to the innovations of the digital world; six thematic areas for a total of 37 fantastic attractions and shows

Aquafan - Riccione

Aquafan, though always known as the most famous water park in Europe, owes its success to the fact that it is not only a water park, but thanks to the active presence of Radio Dee Jay reference point for young people and the leading private radio number of plays. In the evening, where you turn on the disco Walky Cup for years a reference point for the night on the Adriatic coast, thanks to the attentive and artistic direction of Linus.

Overseas -

The park, full of paths and exciting encounters with nature, born of an innovative architectural project, where technology and the spectacular American experience met the Italian creativity. Overseas is a Park for everyone: 110 thousand square meters for the most exciting tribute to our planet and our sea, where entertainment is also an opportunity to experience rich in educational content. Oltremare, through its spectacular, funny, original and rich cultural stimuli, aims to encourage and promote the conservation of the environment with particular attention to the Adriatic Sea and its coasts.

Fiabilandia - Rimini Http://
Fiabilandia covers an area of 120,000 square meters on which there are several attractions. All 'Inside there is also a building where every year, various exhibitions that are held from time to time, different themes. It is usually about educational themes of view: life under water, educational games, the origins and history of scary tales, recycling and many others.

Zoo Safari - Ravenna

The Zoo Safari Ravenna, locations Wonderland, is a wildlife park that allows you to see more than 450 animals of 40 different species including wild animals up close and without barriers, as you could never do in a normal bio-park.

The route is the classic board of its own means (car / RV / bus) or the adventurous with our electric car, or even the one teaching with our little train (payable services by asking the banks at the time of making tickets and available throughout the day with a required minimum of 10 pax up to full capacity is reached), to add to the trip among the animals in the wild excitement of knowledge and contact: thank-trained guides you will learn the secrets of the animals, touch the most docile species and give them to mangiare.Entrare Zoo Safari Ravenna does not mean only do the safari ....

Italy in Miniature - Rimini Http: The unique experience of exploring the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe through 270 perfect scale reproductions of monuments and architectural masterpieces. The pleasure of discovering and understanding thanks an unusual mix
of attractions and games: this is Italy in miniature!

Atlantic -

One of the amusement parks of the Adriatic coast the most important and visited every year by tourists coming from all over Italy and Europe. The giant whale, scale 1: 1, is the symbol of Atlantica; it is at the entrance of the park is a source of great attraction for children crossing her belly, over colorful rafts.

Aquarium of Cattolica

Over 100 display tanks. Sharks, penguins, turtles and jellyfish are just some of the many players in this exciting journey. The blue route will show us the history of the planet, and with it his biological evolution reminding us through some tanks species still survived after millions of years, such as large sharks now considered living fossils. Your visit will be a tour of the world under the water surface, starting from the Mediterranean Sea through the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean up to the beautiful and colorful coral reef in the Red Sea, populated by colorful organisms. Here all the Aquarium tanks must be observed very carefully, especially the smaller ones, who meticulously recreate different environments, full of life and mystery. The aquarium becomes not only a fascinating place where beauty shows the best of itself, but a viewing environment and knowledge that allows one to more contact with this world sometimes too far.

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